Temenik Electric is a Marseille-based artist who likes to experiment exuberantly with Mediterranean cultures and music. He dips the many musical styles of the Maghreb into the hot cauldron of rock, pop and electronic sounds. In this melting pot of cultures, Arabic and French meet and chat in a telluric electro-rock ballet that has its roots buried deep on both sides of the Mediterranean sea.

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Inchallah Baby (2015)

Ouesh Hada ? (2013)

Temenik Electric (2011)

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Ouesh Hada ?  Top of the World album by Songlines Magazine

FIESTA DES SUDS (Marseille – France), AUX FILS DES VOIX (Paris – FRANCE), MUSIQUES METISSES (Angoulême – FRANCE), CHAINON MANQUANT (Laval – FRANCE), MAMA (Paris – FRANCE), VOIX DU GAOU (Six-Fours-Les-Plages – FRANCE)​, BABEL MED (Marseille – FRANCE), Bars en Trans (Rennes – FRANCE) ​​…

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