Mille is a woman from another era, born in the province of Rome. This artist excels as a singer-songwriter and musician.

She possesses an ironic and theatrical style in her compositions, which primarily revolve around emotions, women, and freedom. Her songs are like polaroids that create bridges to escape daily anxieties. In her world, people sing loudly and dance.

She gained recognition from the general public and won several awards: her talent was acknowledged at Musicultura 2021, where she received the Critics’ Award, and she also won the 1mnext in 2022.

“Quanti Me Ne Dai” (April 2023) represents her first EP, which she presented live in clubs and major festivals in Italy, as well as on the prestigious stage of the May 1st concert in Rome. She shone in numerous live performances, accompanied by her pink electric guitar, as the opening act for Carmen Consoli and Max Gazzè.

In homage to the great Raffaella Carrà, she marked the eightieth anniversary of this icon by launching “Ballo Ballo,” a special collaboration with Serendipity.

Mille truly embodies the spirit of a modern artist, skillfully blending Indie and pop influences to gain recognition from the general public while remaining true to her artistic uniqueness.

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Discography Mille

Quanti me ne dai (2023)

Ballo ballo – single (2023)

Sì, signorina – single (2022)

La radio – single (2021)

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Dates 2023


25 January – Milano, Italy
5 May – Milano, Italy
11 May – Roma, Italy
12 May – Poggibonsi, Italy
1 June – Bergamo, Italy
2 June – Roma, Italy
3 June – Ferrara, Italy
4 June – Milano, Italy
22 June – Milano, Italy
23 June – Milano, Italy
24 June – Bellano, Italy
12 July – Roma, Italy
15 July – Farra Gera d’Adda, Italy
21 July – Marseille, France
26 July – Triuggio, Italy
1 August – Patti, Italy
13 August – Rivello, Italy
17 August – Eboli, Italy
3 September – Roma, Italy
4 September – Biella, Italy
9 September – Mosummano, Italy
13 September – Milan, Italy
12 October – Bologna, Italy
13 October – Firenze, Italy
2 November – Palermo, Italy
3 November – Barcellona, Italy
4 November – Messina, Italy
5 November – Catania, Italy
2 December – Pesaro, Italy
3 December – Parma, Italy
22 December – Roma, Italy