Ketekalles is a group of strong women born in 2016. His discourse, close and transgressive, and the rhythmic diversity, fresh and varied, presents us with a risky alternative that makes it impossible not to distinguish his music when you listen to it. They fuse urban styles without fear. Rumba, funk, hip hop, soul, pop/rock, Latin rhythms and even trap. His lyrics, sincere and intelligent, provide tools to sustain emotionally before the system.

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SINGLE – Pa´mi (2022)

SINGLE – El Pacto (2021)

Remendar el Caos (2020)

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La orgullosa (Barcelone – ESPAGNE), Fusion Festival (Lärz – ALLEMAGNE), Rhybadi (Suisse), Skandalo (Neukirchen – ALLEMAGNE), Bioritme (Barcelone – ESPAGNE), Revenidas fest (Vilaxoan, Pontevedra – ESPAGNE) , Fiestas del pce (Madrid – ESPAGNE), Women in Arts festival, AUSTRIA )

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