The frenzy of electronic cumbia No one saw the brilliant electro-cumbia combo Chu Chi Cha coming! Arriving in Marseille during the lockdown, Lolita Ponce joins David Santis to embody this Franco-Chilean duo with inexhaustible energy. Since then, the duo has continued to skillfully infuse their festive cumbia, influenced by electronic music and other Latin rhythms, throughout the south of France.

Inspired by the concept of duality, Chu Chi Cha joyfully blends acoustic instruments (violin, accordion, etc.) with the creative power of electronic machines (drum machines, samplers, synthesizers, etc.). The combination gives a distinct flavor to the band, which navigates seamlessly through universal and highly relevant themes, such as freedom, love, sorrow, and social justice, all the while refreshing the codes of Latin music.

Sincere and joyful, Chu Chi Cha never loses sight of the essentials: a danceable set driven by refreshing compositions. Winner of the Quart de Tour 2023, Chu Chi Cha has already performed more than 60 concerts in just two years of touring, showcasing a strong connection with its audience, and promising a fantastic E.P. release in early 2024 to solidify their success.

Influences: Electro-cumbia, cumbia chicha, Nu cumbia, Acid cumbia, Psychedelic, Electro-folk, Post-Punk, New wave, Grunge, Latin American folklore, Minimalism, Contemporary music.

Videos Chu Chi Cha

Discography Chu Chi Cha

Refugiado – single (2024)

Anne dit no – single (2023)

Colegiala revolucionaria – single (2023)

Yo quiero – single (2023)

References Chu Chi Cha

6MIC – Aix en Provence (FR), CHÂTEAU DE ROUSSET – Gréoux les Bains (FR), FESYIVAL CIRCA – Auch (FR), LA CIGALIÈRE – Bollène (FR)

Tour 2024 

25.01.24 ALTITUDE JAZZ FESTIVAL – Serre-Chevalier (05) FR

18.04.24 LA FABULERIE – Marseille (13) FR

26 .04.24 CAFE PLUM – Lautrec (81) FR

27.04.24 LA GRAINERIE – Toulouse (31) FR

30.05.24 AIX BIERE FEST – Aix-en provence (13) FR 

21.06.24 FÊTE DE LA MUSIQUE – Digne-les-bains (04) FR


29.06.24 NUIT METIS – Miramas (13) FR

05.07.24 BōM FESTIVAL – Plan d’Aups Sainte Baume (83) FR

07.07.24 FÊTES DE LA VIGNE – Dijon (21) FR

17.07.24 CONCERT A ANSOUIS – Ansouis (84) FR

02.08.24 HUTTOPIA – Fontvieille (13) FR

07.09.24 LES ARTS ECLECTIK – Roumoules (04) FR

14.09.24 EM’BARQUE FESTIVAL – St-Barthelemy (38) FR


Tour 2023  

20.10.23 CHÂTEAU DE ROUSSET – Gréoux les Bains (04) FR

25.10.23 FESTIVAL CIRCA – Auch (32) FR

28.10.23 LA CIGALIÈRE – Bollène (84) FR

22.11.23 6MIC – Aix en Provence (13) FR