FOLKTRONICA / France – Argentine

Aluminé Guerrero: vocals, guitar, charango, pinkuyo, chaschas, MIDI controller.

Nestled in the Earth Mother, Aluminé Guerrero’s production heralds a new era of musicians creating a noble and sincere sound, a sensory sound whose lyrics awaken our imagination and consciousness, making us perceive all living beings on our planet. 

Aluminé Guerrero, argentinian singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, transports us into a joyful and festive trance through the fusion of digital rhythms, charango chords, guitar, and pinkullo melodies. She offers a reinterpretation of Latin American folklore enriched with electronic elements and hip-hop, paying passionate homage to indigenous cultures. Her performance is an initiatory journey that, in addition to being profoundly musical, immerses us in a sensory and emotional universe, inviting us to join the dance.

Her latest album, “HIERBA MALA” (Wonderwheel Recordings 2023), in collaboration with French producer Yeahman, has just been released. It is a work inspired by various landscapes of Argentina. The metaphor of “yuyo,” the weed, stands as a symbol of resilience, where persistence personifies the unyielding spirit that inhabits these places. As the title suggests, this EP overflows with character, roots, and nostalgia, weaving its way through ancestral sounds that, combined with its lyrics, present a multitude of compositions painted with various tones and natural elements.

With innate sensitivity, Aluminé conveys a deeply rooted nostalgia in her origins, urging us to keep moving forward, to embark on a journey for the love of the path, creating a neo-folklore of love letters to the territory accompanied by contemporary and futuristic sounds.

Videos Aluminé Guerrero

Discography Aluminé Guerrero

EP Hierba Mala (2023)

SINGLE – La Mina Contamina (2021)

Parte del Mundo (2018)

References Aluminé Guerrero

FESTIVAL DE ROBION – Robion (FR), FESTIVAL RIO LOCO – Toulouse  (FR), FUSION FESTIVAL – Orléans (FR), FESTIVAL CONVIVENCIA – Castelnaudary (FR), LE TAMANOIR – Gennevilliers (FR), LES DOCKS – Cahors (FR), CRI’ART – Auch (FR), TREMPO – Nantes (FR), L’ETE DE VAOUR – Vaour (FR), LE METRONUM – Toulouse (FR), BIKINI – Toulouse (FRANCE), PETIT BAIN – Paris (FR), OZORA FESTIVAL – Ozora (HU), JARDIN DE WILTZ – Wiltz (LUX)

Tour 2024

27.01.2024 SALLE DU CASINO – Ax-les-Thermes (09) FR

01.02.2024 LE METRONUM, Les 10 ans – Toulouse (31) FR

09.02.2024 LE METRONUM, iNouïs du PDB – Toulouse (31) FR

23.03.2024 LE CLUB – Rodez (12) FR

06.04.2024 FESTIVAL REBISH – Toulouse (31) FR

10.04.2024 JAM FOM – Toulouse (31) FR

25.05.2024 FESTIMEUF – Nexon (87) FR

07.06.2024 MONTAGNOLA FESTIVAL – Bologne IT

09.06.2024 LIDO DON PABLO  – Naples IT

12.07.2024 TROPICAL PRESSURE – Porthtowan UK

14.07.2024 BANZAILAND – Bordeaux (33) FR

27.07.2024 FESTIVAL ESPERANZAH! – Floreffe BE

04.08.2024 31 NOTES D’ÉTÉ  –  Laréole (33) FR

17.08.2024 FESTIV’AOUT  –  Lautrec (31) FR

22.08.2024 HADRA FESTIVAL  – Vieure (03) FR


Tour 2023

17.03.2023 CRI’ART – Auch (FR)
25.03.2023 METRONUM – Toulouse (FR)
24.03.2023 LE TAMANOIR – Gennevilliers (FR)
13.04.2023 LES DOCKS – Cahors (FR)
22.04.2023 LE TAMANOIR – Gennevilliers (FR)
17.05.2023 LA SOURCE FONTAINE – Fontaine (FR)
20.05.2023 LE MAKEDA – Marseille (FR)
29.05.2023 LE BIKINI première partie de Manu Chao – Toulouse (FR)
31.05.2023 LE BIKINI première partie de Manu Chao – Toulouse (FR)
01.06.2023 PETIT BAIN – Paris (FR)
02.06.2023 JARDIN DE WILTZ – Wiltz (LUX)
03.06.2023 LES FRIGOS – Metz (FR)
10.06.2023 CONVIVENCIA – Roubia (FR)
16.07.2023 FESTIVAL CONVIVENCIA – Castelnaudary (FR)
19.07.2023 FESTIVAL ROBION – Robion (FR)
06.08.2023 FESTIVAL OZORA – Igar (HON)
24.08.2023 TREMPO – Nantes (FR)
26.08.2023 FESTIVAL DU MORSE – Couffouleux (FR)
16.09.2023 MOTOR – Toulouse (FR)
23.09.2023 MIRAMOUR – Monstesquieu-Avantès (FR)
14.10.2023 LE K’FÉ QUOI – Forcalquier (FR)