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 Aluminé Guerrero is an argentinian singer, composer and producer, based in France. Her compositions are an influence of the folklore of her land and other regions of Latin America. A great initiatory journey through this continent gave birth to her current project, marking the identity of her music and words. In the scene, she fuses with acoustic elements (like charango and pinkuyo) and a midi controller with which she plays her electronic bits and expresses the mysticism of her sound universe.  Located in Mother Earth, Aluminé Guerrero’s new production “Parte del Mundo” takes its place in a new era of musicians who create a noble and sincere sound, a sensorial sound, whose words awaken our imagination, our consciousness, perceive all living beings on our planet.

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SINGLE – La Mina Contamina (2021)

Parte del Mundo (2018)

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Festival RIO LOCO 2019 , L’été de Vaour (Vaour – FRANCE) , Panorama Muséum (Frankenhausen – ALLEMAGNE)

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